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Expresso Beans is about people

Sure there is a lot of art content here, but the reason why it exists is about people. We are working hard to help people. We help new and old art collectors get and stay informed. We help artists get recognized. We help bands get recognized though their art. We help facilitate trades and art sales among all parties, and much more. This has been done without motives for profit of any kind other than the great reward when helping others.

On the Shoulders of Giants

We would love to say that we did all this on our own but that is not true. This started by integrating existing information together with eBay auctions in one place. Over time, the information has grown with the help of countless artists, bands and collectors to be what it is today. And with help from everyone this site will be a better place for all in the future. We are committed.

The EB Team of Volunteers

The following people make daily contributions to this web site. Without them, this project would not be all that it is. If you meet these people, buy them a beer. If you do business with them, please treat them right. They are major producers of good karma. If you want to be a volunteer, then send us an email.


1972 loves art.


1nkling new kid on the block!




ApfelGeld is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


Dave Caimotto is our Auction Manager. He has been recording all the eBay auctions. That is a lot of work and not for the faint of heart. It requires hours of work every single day, multiple times a day. We are very grateful for Dave's dedication to the cause and we do not take his good karma for granted. Dave also runs the EB Store.


Steve Mendoza picked up his first poster (Jermaine's International Noise Conspiracy) on the walk back to the car after a show in 2001. Little did he know what was in store after a few short years. With a career in the engineering field, Steve views the poster realm as an escape from the analytical world and a chance to explore his more creative side.


clem99 stumbled onto the eb site after trying to acquire more pearl jam posters,shifted tact after seeing danger and mccarthy prints,which turned again with a love for some emeks and most things qotsa,favourite bands are pearl jam, ben harper,john butler trio and qotsa, the newest craving is malleus,current malleus and mccarthy sub holder,chair posterholics anomymous, havent seen lorraine there once


comical_imbalance is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


deliahdelyon is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


Bill is another member of our fine Volunteer Team


Doug looks over all of EB to help avoid mistakes and maintain consistency. His areas of specific expertise include the woodcut engravings of Winslow Homer and art for the bands Cracker and moe..


Damon is a professional photographer working in Boston. The genesis of his collection began with a couple Siouxsie and the Banshees posters puchased in a used record store in the mid 80's. Since then, his collection has grown to include many of todays most respected poster artists. His favorites include Jay Ryan, Guy Burwell, Gary Houston, Jeff Wood & Shepard Fairey.


KNEEL13, Neil, born 1970, is a graphic designer, production artist, photographer & digital retoucher. I blame Rob Jones for starting me into this madness of poster collecting. :) Then the sickness grew with EMEK, Malleus, Shepard Fairey, Mr. Brainwash, and all different artists, whoever's prints I took/take a liking too. I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, my hometown is Schaumburg, IL, and I lived in Chicago for about 14 years. Besides poster collecting, I love music and collecting vinyl (The Cure, White Stripes [anything Jack White related], Bjork, and on and on and on... I love any good movie, new or old, and one of my favorite things to do is taking road trips out in nature, especially national parks, and taking lots of photographs. Is that enough? :)


John LaBonte finally got his PhD in snake biology at UC Santa Barbara. He has way too many posters at home and way too little wall space. He is a huge fan of Michael Everett (especially when snakes are involved!).



Bill is a full time poster freak living in Southern New Jersey with his wife and is ever growing collection. The poster obsession started from the Fillmore/Avalon/Grateful Dead era posters and has since grown beyond. He is very knowlegeable in these pieces and spends alot of his volunteer time trolling ebay for posters to enter into EB. The Phish poster surge got him into the newer era and has since become a huge Jeff Wood/Drowningcreek Studios fan and of course an EMEK nut...


Chip says he loves his wife, child, West Virginia, and the good old USA. If you've built a treehouse and live close by he could use some advice/help.


Tom Scharff is our Art Manager. He maintains our art database and processes incoming art submissions. Tom has spent countless hours adding in photos of his rare collection and telling stories about them. He also corrects misinformation and researches missing information for the EB database. Finally, Tom reviews all parts of the site for editing errors. Like this one. He is assisted in his curatorial duties by DougR and Flimby as of autumn 2006.


Matt has a degree in English of Creative Writing and a nose for grammar. Beat poets really strike a chord with me. To boot, I create original art, mainly using oil pastels and charcoal on canvas. Jackson Pollock has been a huge influence on me, as well as Mark Rothko

I live and die for music. The Afghan Whigs, Pearl Jam, Hendrix, Twilight Singers, Ween, Iron Maiden, Soundgarden and Neil Young are at the top of the mighty hill.

I've been actively/agressively collecting silkscreen prints since early 2002. Aside from the obvious Pearl Jam connections, I enjoy all things Slater, Nick Butcher and Dan McCarthy when it comes to rock art.


nick is another member of our fine Volunteer Team currently residing in the Bay Area. Nick was born in South Bend, IN and lived there until he was 18 when he moved to Atlanta, GA. After 11 years, Nick made the move to Northern California.


Nate Fisher is our Widespread Panic expert. He is growing and updating the Panic art collection and also tracking the related auctions. He is highly dedicated and we are happy to have him on our team. In addtion to this, Nate also runs the PanicPosters Yahoo group and is an active Taper of live music. Nate likes to think of himself as ski bum at heart, and not sure how he got stuck in the flat lands of Columbus, OH.


pewter14 is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


phishdisc is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


Jason Kaczorowski is EB's resident Jim Pollock a-Phish-ionado. Kaczorowski turned his attention to furthering careers of poster artists and bringing the genre into recognition with his design firm catering to the music and entertainment industry, Post Art Productions. He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BFA in Photography & Art History. He has worked in management for several nationwide galleries devoted to fine art lithography. Since appearing in Pollock’s Phirst show with his photography in 2001, Jason has used his lens to document Jim creating such recognizable classics as Phish's Boston’s 20th Anniversary and Coventry posters, the photos of which he donated for inclusion in The Mockingbird Foundation's, “The Phish Companion”. In 2005, Kaczrowski became Pollock's de facto collectors service department and created the PollockPrints Subscription Edition Series. He began and still administrates the PollockPrints Forum. Jason went on to represent Pollock from 2006-2009, showcasing his work at festivals and fairs including Flatstock, 10KLF, Bonnaroo and culminating in Phish's '09 Hampton reunion show where Kaczorowski lead the charge to host a Phish poster artists convention spotlighted by the work of Pollock. The exhibition was such a success Jason began hosting the "Mock Show" - an art exhibition of both fan art and professional poster artists with proceeds raised to benefit charity - in Denver, CO, Miami, FL, the 2010 Summer Camp Music Festival and Chicago, IL which has raised over $14,000.00 for charity. Currently Kaczorowski runs a successful portrait and event photography studio in Chicago. His photos have been featured in numerous newspaper, magazine & websites along with being showcased in various nationwide gallery exhibitions. More information available on his website and his blog


Ryan Fisher

My poster collecting began outside the gig-poster realm. In 1994, I wandered into a poster shop that specialized in rare vintage linen-backed posters. I was overcome by the colors and imagery of these vintage masterpieces advertising travel, food and movies.

When many of these posters started appearing on eBay around 1998, I began snapping up all the vintage advertising, travel and propaganda posters from the World Wars that I could. As my tastes evolved into the Russian Constructivist Style posters, I stumbled upon Shepard Fairey's Lenin and Mao prints.

By 2007, I had become a Fairey fanatic and eventually joined EB. Here, I was able to learn about the range of Fairey's work and was introduced to artists I would never have found on my own. Now my collection contains rare vintage posters by N.C. Wyeth, Sidney Reisenberg, and Bernard Perlin alongside some new favorites by Daniel Danger, Dan McCarthy, Mike Klay, Mike Munter, Malleus, AJ Masthay and the occasional Fairey.

My administrative motivation here is to provide the community with a solid base of vintage images of all genres, especially considering how many modern prints are inspired by these vintage posters. I also continue to work to add and update artist's bios in the wiki section of EB.


Jason is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


sir_smokealot is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


Shawn Hughes tacked a Kiss poster to his bedroom wall in 1976 and the rest is history. He has been collecting gig posters for nearly 20 years. Besides his countless hours of poster additions on a semi daily basis he also finds enough spare time to coordinate and produce the BPC poster gatherings. Best Poster Convention I Hampton Virginia featured the art works of Ryan Kerrigan and Best Poster Convention II Miami Florida featured the works of Jen Anzalone, Dave Huckins, Jason Lees, AJ Masthay, Christopher Peterson, Ryan Kerrigan and Michael Everett. Both shows were very successful and look to become bigger and better with each event. He contributes daily to all things Mark Ryden with new items and auction tracking and has added over three thousand works of art to the EB database.


starkiller is another member of our fine Volunteer Team.


Thomas Davis is the founder of Expresso Beans. Even though he no longer runs Expresso Beans, he can still be found tinkering under the covers to keep the site running smoothly. He is also a print maker, just for fun


whalaw is a native Atlantan. He is married to his wife, Melissa; is the father of an ever-growing (and always hungry) boy, Will; and, is the owner of a chocolate labrador named Zeppelin. He started collecting concert posters while in high school in the early-to-mid 1980s. His passion for posters grew in college and law school. Whalaw primarily collects vintage posters from the 1960s and 1970s. However, he has expanded his focus to include many of the "modern" artists. When not practicing law, Whalaw spends time with his family, coaches his son's athletic teams, attends concerts, plays basketball and enters auctions and art into Expresso Beans.


Brendan Komala joined EB as a art adder, artist liason, and auction tracker. While Phish posters once drew him in, he's now recalling a world once discovered in his teenage years when concert prints first appealed to him - and now regrets not starting picking them up at the time. His current pursuits center around the PNE trio (EMEK Golan, Jermaine Rogers, and Justin Hampton), DRDC, Hero Design, Jay and Mat @ The Bird Machine, Sean Carroll, Leia Bell, and whoever else he discovers this week. While not searching out missing works of rock art, Brendan spends his days either doing set construction at Cornell University where he resides on staff (stop in if you're ever in Ithaca, NY).

As of September 2004, Brendan is the CEO of Expressobeans.

EB Team Focuses

This wiki section goes a bit deeper into what team members identify as their own focuses within EB. It is not an "end all, be all" for what they may do but it does give a little direction in terms of focus, auction adding, etc. Hopefully this will serve both to help direct questions about specific artist and band focuses from non-Team folks and also to help the Team see who is working where.

Inactive Volunteers

As the months and years pass some members of the Volunteer Team have had less time to contribute, but EB is still extremely grateful to each of them for all their contributions. These contributors are listed on this wiki page.

A Special Thank You

A Special Thank You to the countless many that have contributed to this site in some way. It is difficult to single out people since so many have helped build this web site. Further, we believe in privacy and do not give out names without permission. If you are a contributor and would like to be listed here, send an email to the Curator.