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This wiki section goes a bit deeper into what team members identify as their own focuses within EB. It is not an "end all, be all" for what they may do but it does give a little direction in terms of focus, auction adding, etc. Hopefully this will serve both to help direct questions about specific artist and band focuses from non-Team folks and also to help the Team see who is working where.

Team folks, please feel free to edit in with your own take on how you contribute to EB. State it in your own words or you can follow another's "model".

Aahnutz (Lorraine)

Currently tracking auctions and adding art for the following artists:

  • EMEK (in conjunction with Yamar)
  • Todd Slater (in conjunction with Yamar)
  • Shepard Fairey
  • Firehouse
  • Jared Connor
  • Strawberryluna
  • Malleus
  • Dan Stiles
  • Joe Whyte
  • Rhys Cooper
  • Ken Taylor

In addition, I approve art and images for the site.

Bread8 (Steve)

I try to track auctions for the following on a regular basis (please feel free to add auctions if you spot something I've missed)

Artists -

  • Art Chantry
  • Seripop (Serigraphie Populaire)
  • TAZ
  • Audrey Kawasaki
  • Sylvia Ji

Series/Themes -

  • Circus Punks
  • Man's Ruin Records
  • Rise Records

Other -

  • Misc auctions run by eBay sellers mid-mo-posters,, hakkalugi, and e-infinite. I only add auctions for typically lesser known artists or bands (ie, no EMEK, Slater, Jermaine, etc... someone else has usually already entered those)


As one of ExpressoBeans' Curators, I do general oversight and cleanup on EB. I also track the following eBay auctions:

Bands -

Artists -

Please feel free to PM me with any requests or questions!


Currently tracking auctions for Phish related posters and memorabilia but most often I'll just find someones new auction listings and add a whole hodge podge of different things.

Mainly, I moderate the forums and try to keep up with corrections like adding editions, run sizes, dimensions etc...

additionaly, I do art, auction and image approvals submitted by our members.

macc5 (Bill)

My current main focus is on the older Fillmore/Avalon/Grande era posters and the following artists:

  • Stanley Mouse
  • Rick Griffin
  • Alton Kelley
  • Wes Wilson
  • Gary Grimshaw
  • Moscoso
  • Tuten
  • MaClean
  • Singer, etc.

I also dive into some newer artists a bit adding art and tracking auctions on the following:

  • Burlesque of NA
  • Malleus
  • Emek
  • Furturtle
  • Brad Klausen
  • Powerslide
  • Diana Sudyka
  • Hampton

Otherwise I approve images, auctions and do general maintenance and clean up.


Approvals and corrections.

Adding art for as many artists as possible. In particular:

  • Marq Spusta
  • Justin Santora
  • Jacob Van Loon
  • Tomer Hanuka
  • Rich Kelly
  • Sonnenzimmer
  • Jeremy Geddes
  • Justin Myer Staller

Please PM me if you have any requests or questions.


Chief Curator of EB, I occasionally track auctions for Robert Crumb artwork, and Bob Dylan posters, as well as Raw Magazine, by Art Spiegelman. I used to enter Ween and The Residents, but I have not been able to get anything done regularly for some time now. I would be most grateful if someone could pick up (my) slack on any of these sections!

If you find errors on the site, or have updates for information we have listed, please let me know, as I am happy to help keep EB accurate and interesting.


  • Tara McPherson
  • Jermaine Rogers
  • Dan McCarthy
  • Allen Jaeger
  • Mark Arminski
  • Lindsay Kuhn
  • Jay Ryan
  • Jeff Wood


EB Team responsibilities: Art Approvals, Image Approvals, Auction Approvals, Listing Corrections

Auction tracking for the following:

  • Shepard Fairey
  • Dave Kinsey
  • Olly Moss
  • Tyler Stout
  • Josh Keyes
  • Daniel Danger
  • Mondo / Alamo Draft House releases


Technical consultant and founder of Expresso Beans.


On a semi-regular basis, I track the following auctions:

  • BG
  • FD
  • AOR
  • The Doors
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Pink Floyd
  • The Black Crowes
  • The Who
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Pearl Jam
  • Jeff Wood/Drowning Creek Studios
  • Todd Slater

Yamar (Brendan)

Current President of EB. Aside from consulting with other Board members about issues affecting EB (financial, structural, and/or otherwise), I track auctions daily attempting to cover the following artists as best I can:

  • Mark Arminski
  • Alan Forbes
  • Aaron Horkey/Burlesque of North America
  • Decoder Ring Design Concern
  • Dan McCarthy
  • Daniel Danger
  • Sean Carroll/Sandusky Bay Poster Works
  • Leia Bell
  • Brian Ewing
  • Tara MacPherson
  • Todd Slater (in conjunction with aahnutz)
  • TAZ
  • Michael Michael Motorcycle
  • Michael Everett
  • Mike Martin/Enginehouse13
  • Derek Hess
  • Justin Hampton
  • Emek (in conjunction with aahnutz)
  • Allan Jaeger
  • Jagmo/Nels Jacobsen
  • Jeff Wood
  • Jermaine Rogers
  • Jay Ryan
  • Lindsey Kuhn/Swampco
  • Print Mafia

And if/when I get a chance, I put up stuff for favorite bands -- Juliana Hatfield, Concrete Blonde, Interpol.
If ANYONE is interested in focusing their energies on any of the above, please let me know and I'll step back. I do try and do some art additions as well when I get the chance, but that's been less and less both due to other needs of EB energies and that school is back in session - summer and winter breaks I do add a bit more...