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The Venue field is reserved for an actual venue. Entries such as "Summer Tour 2003," "Zoo TV Tour 1998," etc. can be entered in the Notes field (if not already clear from the Title), and "*multiple venue tour poster" should be selected for the Venue field. The actual locale in which the venue is located should be used in the venue name, not the nearest large city, which can be entered as a Keyword to improve search results.

The proper basic format for venue, including the dash with the space on either side, is:

Venue - City, State

The two-letter postal abbreviation is used to designate the State. For example:

Tower Theatre - Upper Darby, PA
Radio City Music Hall - New York City, NY

For most non-U.S. venues, the three-letter Olympic country abbreviation is used in place of the State. For example:

Croke Park - Dublin, IRE
Vallehovin - Olso, NOR
Columbiahalle - Berlin, GER

For Canadian venues, the two-letter Province postal abbreviation is added before the country abbreviation:

Opera House - Toronto, ON, CAN
Sala Rossa - Montreal, QC, CAN

Thanks for checking the Venue field carefully when submitting will prevent duplicate venue entries and keep the Venue field consistent!