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Reinel, Greg (Stainboy)
known by his few friends as simply "Stainboy", Greg Reinel has always cringed when he's referred to as an artist. The ink-throwin' playboy of the western world prefers to think of himself as more of an ' entertainer '. Stainboy's career really began to take off in highschool where he was a frequent guest in the Dean's office, busted for Xeroxing illustrations of his teachers in 'uncomfortable' situations and posting them throughout the halls in true punk rock flyer fashion. In the mid 1980's, he began making posters, record/CD packages, and merchandise designs out of necessity for his own touring bands - namely a high-volume rock duo, Nutrajet. Trading on his ability to kick out insane amounts of cool, hand-illustrated posters fast, as well as put the smackdown on unruly Kinko's employees, it wasn't long before his posters, flyers and illustrative style began attracting the attention of Orlando-area rock promoters, managers and bands. Now published by Diesel Fuel prints, Stainboy's dossier has grown to include a diversity of work for clients such as the House of Blues, Suicide Girls, Signatures Network, Planet Propaganda and Gary Fisher Bikes. His rock n' roll posters run the gamut, featuring artists such as Cheap Trick, Nashville Pussy, Flogging Molly, Pennywise, Todd Rundgren, Sevendust and Supergrass. Countless books, magazines and fanzines continue to feature his work. Stainboy's love of pop culture trash, hot femme fatales and 70s cinema exploitation saturates his work. Unschooled, undisciplined and unstoppable, Stainboy now carries out his assignments and other secret services for a variety of clients in sunny Orlando Florida while indulging his tastes in beautiful women, fast cars, expensive restaurants, and sharp, stylish clothing.


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