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Leaving New York in 2001 as the dust was settling in our teacups from the fallout of 9/11 and before our draft papers arrived in the post, Prefab relocated to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

They found we had something profound to say that they couldn’t do through the time tested exchange of design/money/food that is the design industry, so PREFAB was born, a voice to their desires, frustrations and grumpiness.

Prefab’s work offers a reflection on all our popped aspirations of achieving wealth.

Our houses are barely worth the price of the lawn feed we bought for them.

No more cheap goods, no more cheap oil, no more sunny summers and no more cheap fuel.

Never mind though, you can always warm yourself in front of one of our Prefab Originals. Most of our art is a mixture of acrylic, spray-paint, varnish and inks on wood or paper. Their flammability makes them a sound investment for the future as fuel prices increase to rise.

Time to stop believing in authority and start believing in each other!



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