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Flores, Sam

Sam Flores established himself in the local San Francisco street culture first as graffiti writer and like many of his contemporaries he found that in the process he was developing a strong graphic sense and illustrative style which helped him create his signature style for painting.
He began to merge modern and traditional graphic styles from a variety of sources. Characters, colors, and landscapes become the key components in his arsenal. Combining elements of the Far East with colors, and landscapes from the Southwest, Flores is able to create ethereal spaces where his characters can lay to rest the burdens that life has put upon them. Birds, flowers, trees and leaves create contemplative spaces for nesting, while his figures, who are often solitary women, with large hands carry the weight of the world. This imagery has garnered much attention in recent years with a unique style that infuses modern graffiti culture with elegant illustrative characteristics from the Art Nouveau movement. The merging of these two styles has allowed Flores to come up with something entirely new, fresh and exciting.
Flores’ ideas come from everywhere; things he sees in the city, life, and nature. He is also heavily influenced by people and other artists including photographers, animators, comic books and illustrations- along with artists such as Maurice Sendak, and Alphonse Mucha.
Sam’s work has been published everywhere; Arkitip, Juxtapoz, and Giant Robot magazines and has been seen in San Francisco, LA, Singapore, Tokyo and many destinations throughout Europe. In addition to his painting’s Flores has published two books, several prints, a clothing line and a series of very successful vinyl toys. (Lineage Gallery)


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