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Crumb, Robert
Robert "R." Crumb lives in France, having moved there to escape the hubbub of the USA. He lives there with his wife, Aline Kominsky Crumb, and their daughter Sophie, both talented artists in their own rights. He has a son from a previous marriage, Jesse, who runs Crumb Products and is himself a gifted graphic artist. Crumb was the subject of a biographical film by Terry Zwigoff entitled simply "Crumb" which also featured Robert's two brothers, Max and the late Charles. Is anyone in Crumb's family not an artist?
Collaborated with Rick Griffin, S. Clay Wilson, Spain Rodriquez, and Victor Moscoso to create Zap Comix in the 1960's. He is responsible for the creation of such classic characters as the Keep On Truckin' guy, Fritz the Cat, Mr Natural, Devil Girl, Flakey Foont, Schuman the Human, the Snoid, MEATBALL, and too many more to mention them all.

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