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There are so many fine artists in this field and it is the greatest hobby. I buy posters for their image appeal and an artist's style and not necessarily for the particular bands or monetary value. I especially like women artists whom I have always supported. If a poster is in print, I will trade. I am always looking out for the rights of artists. I am slowly pricing my 6000 piece collection and putting in trades. This is a long tedious job. I have substantial amounts by most poster artists that I like. For example, Jermaine Rogers, Chuck Sperry, Zoltron, Firehouse, Brian Ewing, Jay Ryan, Leia Bell, Dave Hunter, David Welker, Diana Sudyka, Art Chantry, Steve Walters, Mexican Chocolate, Todd Slater, and so many more.
Before they go out I give them a careful once over. I have had tons of sales and NO COMPLAINTS. I particularly give very good deals on groups of posters. Try me.


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