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(8/5/2020) - Added about 125 new pieces. Many more to come. And many others that do not yet exist on EB, around 40 of those!

STAY TUNED - UPDATING NOW! Rapidly re-organizing and re-listing old items with new details. There is so much yet to be added. SO MUCH.

8/2 - I added a bunch of 24x36 prints. Please have a look. I’m moving on to smaller sizes next, 18x24.

I removed all listings from TRADES and I am adding new ones a piece at a time. If you see it there, it is available. Additionally, if you see it in my collection, something can sometimes be worked out.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a trade. Don’t sweat the WANTED list. I have no idea what you have until you get in touch and I can look so we can make a good trade.

Many of these Mondo pieces were picked up flat personally in Austin and remain stored flat.


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