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Just because a print is in my ISO is not an invitation to spam me. I can read &/or find average $$'s on my own. If your price matches or is close to what's out there don't you think I would have bought it already?! You want to send me an offer it needs to be a good price, what I, me, a buyer[not you the seller] considers to be a good price. Spare me the 'cost + shipping' sales pitch on your failed flips. So please, think twice before spamming me. Cool? I've been known to bite.

Why is it I never receive 'cost + shipping' offers on Ansin's Taxi Driver, etc?

Lastly, if you're not a supporter of this great site by being a $$ donor, don't bother PMing me w/offers to buy. That said, I can donate $$ in your name in trade for a print I would buy, say 50/50, half to you, half to expressobeans


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