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1st Edition

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Status:Fan Art
Size:8.5 X 11
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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State Theatre - Falls Church, VA
January 28, 2004
JAW `04 1
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First in a series of prints created by talented artists who are not really into the jamband scene but are willing to contribute their time and talents to create and spread music art. This one was very last minute and as such could only be created by me scanning the original hand-painted work and printing out copies on glossy photo paper. While fooling around with the colors, some were printed out on normal computer paper, and these are included in the 21 existing prints. A couple of the ones on glossy photo paper also have slightly different coloring due to the ink in my printer cartridge running out and then being replaced. I also spaced the concept of not including the band's name without their permission, and so decided to give these away instead of charging any money for them. For future prints, when possible, contact with the band will be made beforehand, or their name and/or likeness will not be used. And yes, we misspelled Theatre. Sorry. =/ Signed by the artist in the lower right-hand corner and numbered by me in the lower left-hand corner. I neglected to note that this was number 1 in what I am calling the JAW `04 series (my initials, the year it is, pretty simple ;), but will include it on future prints in the actual work itself, so this one will remain the only one that has it individually written on each print. Please feel free to contact me if you enjoy this work and know anybody, especially any bands, who might be interested in getting involved with future creations. Your comments and support are appreciated! =)
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