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Class:Art Print
Paper:Heavy Canvas
Size:9.5 X 7.4
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BLVD Gallery proudly presents
"Pneumonia, Isolation, and Disorder"
New work by Deuce 7
July 11 - August 2, 2008

BLVD Gallery proudly presents "Pneumonia, Isolation, and Disorder" a show of new works by Deuce 7. Deuce 7 is a graffiti artist from Minneapolis who is also part of a burgeoning underground subculture of Freight train hoppers. He travels across the country riding the rails, painting his work on trains, in tunnels, squats, and wherever he can do his thing. Deuce 7's approach to graffiti comes not from a cultural identity like hip hop but from his love of the Railroad and it's history. He grew up train spotting, living in front of a huge railyard, and after noticing the colorful graffiti on the rail cars he decided that this would be a way for him to contribute to rail culture.
Deuce 7's work shares the flavor of the "Hobo" Glyphs that rail workers have marked freight cars with for over a century while propelling the look into the 21st century with his studied handstyles and vibrant color schemes. In 2007 Deuce7 made a trip to NYC to do graffiti and experience the Mecca of Street Art. After 2 short weeks he had taken the city by storm and was profiled in the Village Voice with the tagline "Is a guy from Minnesota the new king of New York street art?", A very impressive achievement for a previously unknown graffiti artist from the midwest in a city renowned for it's dislike of intruding outsiders.
This will be his first solo show of drawings and paintings on the West Coast.
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