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10/18-10/28 Family Guy C.R.A.P. @ La Luz de Jesus - LA, CA
Family Guy Artists' Series 2
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LA LUZ de JESUS GALLERY, Twentieth Century Fox, and Acme Archives present
Family Guy C.R.A.P. (A Collection of Rare Art Pieces)
A Collection of Rare Interpretive Art Work Inspired by Family Guy

Back in 2006, Fox commissioned a series of original art as a celebration of the passion of the "Family Guy" fans and the creative spirit embodied in the show. The resultant show, which became known as "The Family Guy Artists’ Series", was a resounding success and has lead to the 2nd Family Guy Artists’ Series. This new exhibit debuted at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, CA on October 18th, before setting off on a tour of galleries around the world.

Over twenty artists have taken the show's characters, design and sensibility as a starting point and literally let their imaginations run wild. The result is a wholly original and eclectic series of images in a variety of media that bear the unmistakable "Family Guy" imprint through the prism of each artist's entirely unique style and perspective.
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