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Class:Original Art
Technique:Original Mixed Media
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WatercolorThis print is a Japanese woodcut print and more. It has several hand painted layers on top of the block print.

Quote: "Here is a little hint as to the motivation. The art exchange theme is a tribute piece to whoever. It took me a long time...I kept thinking of all these people dead and alive who made an impact on my life. Even people like ben frankin who i obviously never met. I had remembered this character called noface that i had seen before. I started thinking that my tribute could be to everyone, anyone and noone. Each day one person may come to my thoughts and on that day, noface will be that person. I also figured that people that will own this print, might find someone which noface can represent. noface is happy, sad, loving and hateful, noface is all things..." - sunsetbrew
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