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Class:Original Art
Technique:Original Mixed Media
Size:34.5 X 38
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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A collaboration between Alexander Lenz and Thomas Davis.
Oil based inks, Acrylic, various distressing products on unstretched canvas. This painting in the EB-4 Series is based upon the Velvet Underground and Nico album cover designed by Andy Warhol

Quote from Thomas Davis:
The EB4#2 Warhol Reflection is rather personal to me. It is clear that Andy Warhol had a profound impact on the art world. He even made silk screening popular. Through my eyes, Warhol is a man who thought without limits. It is not his technique that attracts me but more his vision and his ability to inspire people to see things differently. Everybody knows the Warhol Soup Can by now. That was so profound in that Warhol reshaped the way I looked at even the simplest of illustrations and made them seem cooler when portrayed as art. It is my belief that Warhol showed much of the art world that illustration can be art or that “illustration is art”. As my interests in this art collecting has grown I have felt that far too much emphasis has been placed on the message of the illustration and the art often gets overlooked and this is especially true in rock art. Everybody seems to want a cool looking poster for their favorite band. I think that it is the art in the illustration that makes it a cool poster more so then the words on its cover. I even collect rock art from bands I do not particularly care for because of the art. In essence, I believe that art comes before illustration in great prints or “art is illustration”. That is a reflection of the message I got from Andy Warhol.

This painting is a reflection of a rock album cover that Andy Warhol did. I chose the cover because it is obviously rock art and it is characteristic of a great body of Warhol’s work. This was done with the consent of the Warhol museum and artist rights. I felt that it makes the point so well that it has to be shared with others and it worthy of being a signature print for Expresso Beans.
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