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Size:16.5 X 22.5
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Cheetahs - Los Angeles, CA
May 17, 18, and 19, 1968
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Although Cheetah Clud is not mentioned on the poster, it is known that Quicksilver Messenger Service played at the Cheetah Club on May 17, 18, and 19, 1968.

The following bands were listed as "attractive to" the event: Notional Whimseys, Red Beans and Rice, Quodlibetical Humans, Spirit, Genesis (one of Genesis' first appearances on a poster in the U.S., as they had only recently released their first single and the release of their first album was still months away), Touch, Mothers of Invention, H.P. Lovecraft, Triangle, East Side Kids, Copper Leaf, and Fair Befall.

The Blue Law Nightclub was located at 19840 S. Hamilton, in Torrance, California. The owners had been under intense pressure from the police to close its doors, and this benefit was held to raise money to help keep it open. Unfortunately, the benefit did not forestall the Blue Law's demise for long. By August of 1968, the Blue Law had closed its doors and had been reopened as the Bank.

The Cheetah Club was located on the Pacific Ocean Park Pier. In 1966, Bob Gibson (who represented bands including The Doors, The Mamas and Papas, and The Byrds) coverted the Aragon Ballroom into The Cheetah Club.

Kittyhawk Graphics was owned by Dean Torrance, formerly of Jan and Dean.
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