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Size:2.25 X 6
Clifford Ball 8/16-8/17
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Phish Pollock '93 Classic Caricature DAAM 12 oz Glasses 2021
12oz sleek straight walled zombie style glasses with Jim Pollock’s original 1993 Phish caricatures (one on each glass and Phish logo on the opposite side). These are the perfect addition to your glassware collection. Dishwasher safe. Glass measures apprx 6” in height.
$13.00 each
$42.00 set of four
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Trey Glass
Fishman Glass
Xerox-copied. Not really sure how many were printed. I have heard people that have them numbered in the 1300's and in the 100's. Further some are numbered out of 1500 and others out of 2500. It is a mystery...

Found this on the poster people message board: "1-18-2002 I talked to Jim Pollock today about his Clifford Ball
Caricature print. Evidently he only had three weeks to prepare his
booth, and consequently was only able to bring the Xerox-copied, but
hand-signed caricature print plus the offset printed Big Top series
and Clown posters that are still available at Dry Goods. As far as
the quantity in circulation goes, they are numbered x/2500, but Jim
says that in reality, only about 100 were ever released. Note that
this was in 1996, several years before his artwork began to get
serious attention. Many more of these prints were made up and taken
to the shows, but most ended up being recycled. Jim promised to send
me an email he wrote a few days ago that fully explains the situation
regarding this poster. He has agreed to let me reprint it here, and
when it shows up, I will reprint it in it's entirety."
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Original Price$13.00