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Seizure Palace
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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Size:24 X 18
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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In 2013 I created Like Caine Roaming The Earth which has steadily climbed the ranks and become my most requested art in 2020. Here's a refresher on the naming from 2013:

The title of the print came from a conversation that Sam Jackson and John Travolta had in Pulp Fiction. Sam Jackson's character expresses that he is going to "just walk the earth", like Caine did in Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a TV show from the 70s featuring David Carradine as a Shaolin monk traveling the earth in search of his half-brother. The polar bear in my print is doing much of the same. He's navigating the obstacles in search of whatever his half-brother might be.

In 2021 the series walks forward with a grizzly bear and baby polar bear now navigating a wooded region. This is perhaps a prequel to the first two Caine prints. If you're searching for the location please note the 'Angel of the Waters' statue in the background. The core of the art is about exploration and seeking the unknown. It's about putting yourself around contrasting beings and in foreign environments. The imagery was created during the pandemic when many things stopped making sense.

24 x 18 inches
13 screens (2 metallic)
Signed & Numbered
Edition of 125 - Eris
Editions of 35 - Wind Chimes Foil, Swirl Foil
Editions of 12 - Mega Copper, Mega Gold, Navy
Editions of 10 - Gold, Black, Light Copper
Editions of 8 - Red, Orange
Editions of 6 - Blue, Rose, Purple, Sea Foam
Sales History
Six Month Average$315.45
Average Price$315.45
Lowest Price$200.00
Highest Price$499.99
Original Price$100.00