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Weiwei, Ai More info
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Class:Art Print
Paper:170 GSM FSC paper
Size:27.56 X 19.69
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Imperial War Museum, London U.K.
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A limited edition print of the full History of Bombs artwork by Ai Weiwei. It is matt printed and includes a signed certificate of authenticity. It comes pre rolled in a card poster tube.

Ai Weiwei’s History of Bombs is a new site-specific artwork, commissioned by IWM. It will be on display at IWM London as part of IWM’s Refugees season.

Exploring international migration, conflict as a root cause of human flow, and the relationship between the individual, society and the state, History of Bombs draws on the artist’s ongoing investigation into politics and power.

For History of Bombs, Ai Weiwei has rendered 50 life-size images of bombs dating from the span of the last century and manufactured by the USA, Russia, China, Germany, Italy, Israel and the UK. It addresses the global, destructive and indiscriminate nature of contemporary conflict, and the consequence of destruction for the people and societies caught in it.

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Limited print run of 1000. Digitally signed certificate of authenticity.

NOT numbered

Made in the UK

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Printed to 170 GSM FSC paper

Size: 50 x 70 cm
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