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1st Edition

Zoltron More info
Monolith Press - Alameda, CA
Edition Details
Technique:Screen Print
Size:8 X 10
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Zoltron Loves You - Solitary Refinement - Handbill Set of 4

Serigraph Editions
10" X 8"
Limited edition
Artist signed

Main Edition
Black Plate Edition
Red Skin Edition
Gobstopper Edition

Sold in Sets of 4
These will be sold as sets of 4 prints.
The Main and Black editions will also be available individually.

The Chase...
There is a chance your set will contain an extra print. The sets that contain the chase print are pre-packaged and mixed in with the other sets. They are marked with a holographic zoltron sticker.

Doodled Black Plate Editon
There are 5 from the black edition that were embossed and doodled or otherwise defaced.
They are randomly inserted into 5 sets.

Defaced Main Editon
There are 6 from the main edition that are drawn thereupon.
They are randomly inserted into 6 sets.

So 11 random sets will contain a bonus print, either the main doodled edition or the black plate doodled edition.

Hand Printed at Monolith Press, Alameda
Flat shipped via USPS priority
One set per person/household
Pre packaged / Blind chance
Ships with stickers as always
Sales History
Original Price$150.00