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1st Edition

Fairey, Shepard More info
Edition Details
Class:Art Print
Paper:Cream Cotton
Size:14.5 X 19
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Original photo by Paulo Fridman.

Hand-deckled edges and Obey publishing chop in lower left corner.

"I grew up in South Carolina, so when I saw street art and graffiti up everywhere on my early trips to New York, I fell in love with the art form. It wasn’t about elitists institutions, and that inspired me. Keith Haring’s philosophy that 'the public has a right to art' was embodied in his street art and the art products he made affordable for the masses, all of which made my path as an artist very clear. Keith Haring is a hero of mine because of his mission to make his work accessible and make art more democratic. Haring's hybrid of street, gallery, products and clothing, with all pushing forward social commentary. He funded his accessible works, like t-shirts, posters, pins, through his fine art paintings, which is a model that I have adopted myself. This letterpress print is an homage to Keith Haring as an artist, activist, shaper of culture and personal role model." - Shepard Fairey

Proceeds went to Ali Forney Center.
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Six Month Average$233.88
Average Price$234.43
Lowest Price$175.00
Highest Price$349.99
Original Price$80.00