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1st Edition

Weiwei, Ai More info
Ai WeiWei Studio
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Class:Other Apparel
Paper:Medical Face Mask
Size:6.6 X 3.9
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Ai Weiwei MASK : Mask with Middle Finger
A new woodcut print of an iconic Ai Weiwei symbol of affirmation and self-empowerment.

Year: 2020
Medium: Ink on polypropylene fabric
Measurement: Image: 10 x 17cm each; overall width: 27cm

Made in the artist’s studio in Berlin, each work is silk-screened by hand on cloth face masks. In addition, each package includes a signed artist’s statement (with printed signature).

*These artworks are not recommended for medical use and no liability is assumed if they are used for this purpose. The works are not washable.


"Ai Weiwei MASK are artworks symbolic of our current conditions. To have one is an ethical and creative act to overcome our tired isolation and participate in a collective enterprise of real compassion." -- Alexandra Munroe, Curator


All proceeds benefit pandemic humanitarian efforts led by:
Human Rights Watch
Refugees International
Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
(Proceeds will be distributed among all three organizations.)

Exclusively on eBay

Ai Weiwei MASK is an art project offering face coverings hand printed with Ai’s iconic images. By collecting these artworks, you provide relief and other support for the most vulnerable during this global crisis. Join the great artist and activist in this humanitarian effort.

“No will is too small and no act is too helpless.” -- Ai Weiwei
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