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1st Edition

Jean, James More info
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Class:Art Print
Size:19 X 23.5
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Adam, drunk from fermented juice, nods off beneath the Tree of Knowledge. No longer under Adam’s surveillance, Eve contemplates a heavy bounty of fruit overhead. She seeks the pure forbidden fruit from the vine, not the rotten, intoxicating remnants that they were given to consume. The many facets of Eve radiate from her body in petals of personae, masking her desire for the truth. The Tree opens its arms in a final embrace as the sun sets on Paradise, and a new world emerges.

Eden features multiple dimensional effects throughout the print. The fruit gleams in a polished, high gloss finish. Subtle holographic line work is imprinted throughout the leaves and on Eve's body, catching the light and reflecting an array of colors that echo the color palette. The chop has delicately raised and frost-enhanced areas creating an illusion between the fruit and the hidden faces.
Eden will be available for 24 hours starting at 8:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, June 16 and ending at 7:59 AM PDT on Wednesday, June 17. The edition is limited by the number of prints sold during those 24 hours and never reprinted.
Image size: 20x16
Paper size: 23-1/2x19
Dimensional, high gloss, and holographic enhancements
Intricately detailed frosted and dimensional chop
Signed and numbered by James Jean
Price: $500
Release date: June 16, 2020
Sales History
Six Month Average$627.71
Average Price$627.71
Lowest Price$510.00
Highest Price$699.00
Original Price$500.00