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Super-tech thermal mug for coffee and cocktail drinkers:
*Unbreakable stainless interior/exterior with vacuum insulation;
*Maintains temperature for a minimum of 3 hours;
*Flip up lid prevents spills;
*Fits all standard car cup holders;
*Shiny and silver with purple Phish logo.

Unpaid Testimonial by First Fan Amy Skelton:
"This is the best damn travel mug you will find anywhere. It keeps your cold drinks cold, and your hot drinks hot. Longer, colder, and hotter, all at the same time. And believe you me, I know a lot about travel mugs. Every morning without fail my piping-hot coffee goes into one, and if it knows what's good for it, it will stay hot as long as I need it to. Every afternoon my cocktail goes into the same mug, and everyone knows I don't want those ice cubes melting and diluting what should remain pure, sweet, thirst-quenching, and damn good. Mmmmmmm. Hot in the morning, ice cold at night, that's one great.
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