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Lo, Chun More info
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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:orange rubber
Size:18 X 24
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Videogame Poster Series 1
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Available Friday February 7, 2020 at 11 AM PST at

Artwork by: Chun Lo

Run Size: Limited Edition of 250

Printing Technique: Silkscreen | 9 Colors | Metallic Inks | Varnish Finish

Dimensions: Approximately 18"x24"

Published By: Plush Art Club in association with Grey Matter Art

Officially Licensed by Marvel

"For the piece I really wanted to emphasize one of the most impactful moments of the game for me. In the ultimate confrontation of the game Peter (Spidey) is faced against Doctor Octavius(Doc Ock) in one of the coolest video gaming sequences I've seen in a while. Now this certainly isn't an odd occurrence for those that know the source material, but in this universe the two had a very close and trusting bond working together and helping those in need. By the end of the confrontation you could see just how much this betrayal rips and tears into Peter, both figuratively and physically. I really wanted to capture that torn moment and tense energy in the illustration as well as reference "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie poster which I was fond of. Also going to be honest, ever since I saw the Anti-Ock suit I wanted to draw it. So this was the perfect excuse!" - Chun Lo
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