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Class:Art Print
Size:21.5 X 27.75
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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The Editor prunes the branching narratives of her imagination emerging from a ceramic planter on her lap. The leafy shoots reveal pairs of eyes, each highlighted with a holographic sheen and sculpted in shallow relief. The eyes refer to a painting of Saint Lucy, the protector of sight, by Francesco del Cossa from the 15th century. She wields her pruning shears carefully, letting the superfluous petals of her content fall to the cutting room floor. Within the planter are various touchstones regurgitated and left by the cranes flying in the distance. Aristotle once described in The History of Animals that the crane carries within it a touchstone that can be used to test for gold. In fact, cranes will ingest gizzard stones to aid in their digestion and deposit them in faraway regions at the end of their migrations. The Editor collects these touchstones as a way to evaluate the merit of each branching narrative, letting them steep in her witches' brew. Just as The Editor appraises her creation through multiple passes, this limited edition print has gone through 9 separate passes through different presses in order to create all the effects. The thin, delicate lines of the drawing have been carefully retraced and embellished with silvery holographic foil, and the chop beneath has pearl, holographic, and dimensional enhancements.
Image size: 23-1/2" tall × 17-7/8" wide
Paper size: 27-3/4" tall × 21-1/2" wide
Holographic and dimensional enhancements
Intricately detailed dimensional chop
Signed by James Jean, and numbered
Price: $500
Sales History
Six Month Average$685.71
Average Price$651.54
Lowest Price$500.00
Highest Price$800.00
Original Price$500.00