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1st Edition

STOT21stCplanB More info
L-13 Light Industrial Workshop
Edition Details
Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:grey pulp card
Size:16.53 X 19.68
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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THE REAL NOT BANKSY April Fools’ Special with collaborators MANGéL PrESS

Screen print and household paint on grey pulp card
Edition of 300
Signed, stamped and numbered by the real artists
50 x 42 cm

THE REAL NOT BANKSY is not real. There is no unloved 13 year old girl from Scunthorpe (right-wing or otherwise) making NOT BANKSY artworks. THE REAL NOT BANKSY is an invention of the INTERNATIONAL NEO NOT BANKSY ANARTIST ALLIANCE (I.N.N.B.A.A.). The I.N.N.B.A.A. is an international alliance of NOT BANKSY frauds and NOT the real NOT BANKSY. As we all know, the real NOT BANKSY is dead, as is NOT NOT BANKSY (rumoured to have been assassinated by Pest Control). As there is NO REAL NOT BANKSY to make new works of art by NOT BANKSY, the INTERNATIONAL NEO NOT BANKSY ANARTIST ALLIANCE has fabricated THE REAL NOT BANKSY FRONT and invited L-13’s specially untrained technician’s in the MANGéL PrESS Department to aid and abet this new production.

All I.N.N.B.A.A. artworks will be quality checked and stamped by an I.N.N.B.A.A. official, signed with a fake STOT21stCplanB thunderbolt man, and issued with THE REAL NOT BANKSY Pest Control COA.
Sales History
Six Month Average$251.55
Average Price$251.55
Lowest Price$249.99
Highest Price$253.11
Original Price$78.97