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Sperry, Chuck More info
Hangar 18
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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:Cream Paper
Size:16 X 35
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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7 color screen print

Publisher: PangeaSeed

"My print for PangeaSeed Foundation, 'The Diver', is a celebration of the beauty of the ocean environment and our inter-connected place in it.We are oxygen breathing animals, and we live on land. 'The Diver' is leaving her natural habitat to enter a watery world, where she can not survive long for lack of air; there she is surrounded by the beauty and danger of the seas. She is also surrounded by the essence of her life on land.
'The Diver' plunges into the beautiful ocean surrounded by myriad air bubbles. Our ocean environment plays a crucial role in the generation of the majority of Earth’s life-sustaining air. We could not live on land and breathe fresh air without the world’s oceans. 70% of Earth’s oxygen comes from marine plants in our ocean environments. Heat driven loss of ocean oxygen is one of the leading threats to the delicate world biome posed by Climate Change.

It’s clearly time to act. Please be mindful and give your care to the environment. It’s time to do what you can to become a good steward of the environment. I am always happy to contribute my time and energy to PangeaSeed Foundation! Their efforts in helping to save the oceans, thru art and activism, deserve our support and good energies!

I noted in the credit line of my poster: 'After Alfred Roller'. The figure of the diver in my print is influenced by a figure in the work of Vienna Secessionist artist Alfred Roller, the brilliant early 20th Century graphic stylist and inventor of the free, flowing typographical fonts that inspired artist Wes Wilson to create psychedelic lettering in the 1960’s." -- Sperry
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