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1st Edition

Rowland, Andrew More info
Edition Details
Status:Fan Art
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:Mohawk Curious Aquamarine
Size:24 X 36
EB Awards
Art of the Week 08/29/18
Cinema Poster of the Year 18
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Annihilation "Corruptions of Form" by Andrew Rowland

- 24"x36"
- Screen Print with Glitter Mix
- Mohawk Curious Aquamarine Paper

A note from Andrew: "My main intention was to create a visual journey to represent Lena's. From dividing cells to cancerous growths to the physical journey towards the ever-looming lighthouse, the whole image is surrounded by sand to represent the feeling that the endpoint of the beach is always the final destination.. Elements flow into each other, blurring boundaries and questioning origins as well as potential endings. The ending of the film is as open to interpretation as the process involved in reaching it. I wanted this drawing to be the same. Something that changes with each viewing. Tiny elements like the centre of the 'O' being reminiscent of the spiky cancer cell just before it divides. The seeming importance of the ouroboros tattoo. And let's not forget the beautiful bear!"
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