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Technique:Screen Print
Size:24 X 36
EB Awards
Cinema Poster of the Year 18
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Publisher: Mondo

"This is a strange and consistently unnerving film with some incredible visual potential for a poster, as well as important dangers to avoid spoiling the film’s secrets. The limited cast and intimacy of the film kept driving me towards portraiture and addressing the personal character interactions. I must have drawn a dozen or so different approaches, and in the end we settled on the one that was the oddest and least specific, while being completely so only after you’ve experienced the film itself. This - as compared to all the others - was the oddest duck, but also secretly the one I most wanted to explore. I think I even quietly promised myself I’d make this piece anyway, even if we went with another approach… so it was like Christmas getting to go all in on this bagged deer image.

"I’d always had a thing for those old dioramas in natural history museums; there’s something about the captured sense of them imprisoned in their illusory worlds with faux landscapes and fake plants. They always looked to me like they were on the verge of some thought of escape, but frozen just before its blossoming. Forever. Seemed like an ideal way to express the spirit of the film and reward the viewer in different ways before and after they’ve seen it." - Greg Ruth
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Six Month Average$185.00
Average Price$141.71
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Highest Price$225.00
Original Price$50.00