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1st Edition

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Class:Art Print
Status:Not Authorized
Size:11 X 14
EB Awards
Art Print of the Year 18
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Originally sold for a short time at Bristol Museum's online store. All online buyers were refunded. An unknown number of posters were sold in person at the Bristol Museum. Note sent to customers that purchased online-

"Dear Customer,

Last week you ordered one or more Banksy prints from us at Bristol Museum online. Due to unforeseen circumstances the print has been removed from sale and is now unavailable. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and you will be refunded in full today with the refund coming from Stripe payments. We’re sorry that on this occasion we have been able to meet the demand and expectation.

Kind regards
Retail Team
Bristol Culture (including Bristol Museums & Art Gallery and M Shed)"
Sales History
Original Price$6.85