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1st Edition

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Slowly Downward Manufactory
Edition Details
Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:GF Smith Plike 330gsm
Size:21.26 X 20.08
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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1 colour Screenprint
GF Smith Plike 330gsm
Paper Size - W 540mm x H 510mm
Print Size - W 490mm x H 430mm
Edition Size - 130

"Well. Myself and the Doktor were looking through our ‘archives’ (i.e., box-files of yellowing faxes, scrawled notes, scrumpled receipts and various bits of bric-a-brac) when we found these words, in an almost identical layout, only on a brittle bit of thermal fax paper from the late 1990s. We were attempting to collate the material for one of the ‘notebooks’ in the posh deluxe upscale version of the re-release of OK Computer, and we decided it would be, y’know, kind of fun to use the words as a sort of advertising campaign for the record. So we did. And the resulting posters got pasted up all over the place. We were really quite amazed that some words that we'd found in 1996 or thereabouts could have such horribly accurate resonance today. Back then we were about to have a government of what was called 'New Labour' whose campaigning song was 'Things Can Only Get Better'.

This is a seriously upscale version of the poster that appeared in many cities overnight, only done in shiny varnish on a very special sort of paper called Plike, a super smooth coated black paper. A very black shiny black on a very black smooth black. It’s a very beautiful object, I reckon, and about as far from a yellowing fax as these words could get; I dare to say that it's actually very elegant..."
Sales History
Original Price$265.00