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Size:18 X 24
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Masonic Auditorium - San Francisco, CA
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"RIP Hugh Hefner-

Tonight's poster for Ween:

(This poster is based on Victor Moscoso’s Neon Rose #6: Blues Project)

At the bottom of the poster- this is printed:

This is a poster tribute… (I mean ridiculous bastardization)—of a vintage classic rock poster by legendary designer Victor Moscoso. (continuing my San Francisco tribute WEEN poster series…) Whereas Moscoso used a “retro sex symbol” from a previous generations for his original poster, I updated my version to a slightly more recent “retro sex symbol” from a previous generation. Then I “Ween-ized” it.
Victor Moscoso is one of the most fascinating artists of the psychedelic era. The only academically trained artist among the leading “BIG FIVE” poster designers, he relied on innovative optical effects that gave his psychedelic posters a unique "vibrative" quality. Bright contrasting colors with no black ink line work..
Moscoso's fame rests on the brilliant series of posters that he did for Chet Helms and the "Family Dog" and the "Neon Rose" series that he created for the Matrix in the 1960's. In 1968, Moscoso also became a leading artist for underground comix. He became one of the main contributors to Robert Crumb’s legendary Zap Comix.
While working in comics, Moscoso has also designed magazine cover art, billboards and album covers. He continues to make vivid and inspiring art to this day…"

- Emek
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Original Price$50.00