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Half Hazard Press
Edition Details
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:French Construction Cement Green
Size:12.5 X 25
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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"This is not just our first release for Dopapod but also a 3-Night Triptych to boot! This concept is inspired by the Hopi story of the Blue Star Kachina, and its reinterpretations in regard to aliens and their interaction with mankind. The story says that one day the Kachina will dance in the town square and remove its mask to signify the coming of the blue star. This blue star will crash into the earth in an apocalyptic like event only sparing the Hopi people where they will then be taken to their new home. Some people believe the blue star is actually a space ship and that the Kachina are of a superior alien race. The poster concept is not meant to depict this perfectly, but is instead an artistic reimagination. The gatekeepers are inspired by the look of the kachinas with large mask like helmets and tribal markings, but the overall beings are more robotic and futuristic. This release is available with each individual night's panel and also in a VERY LIMITED run of UNCUT SHEETS."

Dimensions // 12.5″ X 25″
Process // 4 Color Screenprint
Paper // French 100# Construction Cement Green
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