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1st Edition

Jones, Robert More info
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Class:Original Art
Technique:Original Mixed Media
Paper:80lb French "Sand" speckle tone
Size:11 X 8.5
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Mondo-Con 2016
Rob Jones - Grief
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"My sister-in-law works for @nationalmilldogrescue in Colorado. She sent us a shot of scrag dog they picked up which strongly resembled our Gracie. We were weak and decided to adopt him. He was 11 months old and spent the majority of that time pissing himself in a cage between siring new Matlese/Chihuahua puppies. He immediately bonded with my wife, but my stentorian tone and general male-ness just terrified him. It took an eternity for him to half-trust me. The shit of it is that he’ll come up to the couch, whine a little, allow me to pick him up and then fall asleep against me. Later I might get up to smoke or leak. He will freak out and dart away upon my return like I’m a hockey-masked stranger. Going on over a year now with him it’s not abated, so I drew up what I imagine he sees when I come back from the john.

To end on a better note, he has become a lot kinder to visitors over time. He used to oddly super flip out on my friend @alwaysluigi to an embarrassing degree with incessant barking. However, his confidence has increased enough that he’ll only bark a little and then let Matt pick him up. So there’s progress to be had." -- Rob Jones
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Original Price$200.00