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1st Edition

Tong, Kevin More info
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Technique:Screen Print
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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SXSW 2016 Film Festival
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Kevin Tong had this to say about the print:
"What's depicted in the poster is a tarsier perched atop an old film can. Since the poster is for the SXSW Film Festival, I wanted to do something that would reflect the event. SXSW Film Festival attendees and filmmakers are a passionate audience that know film intimately, from the old stuff to the new stuff. The old film can lost in the reeds represents old and obscure films that most people don't remember anymore or have never heard of. The tarsier, with it's grasping fingers and large eyes, represents the attendees and filmmakers who are all a captive audience to obscure and dated films and they've discovered something lost to the world.

Additionally, the old film cans would be labeled with writing on a piece of tape stuck to the outside, so I drew a blank piece of tape on there so people who buy the poster can get filmmakers to sign and write messages on the tape, just like in old timey days!"
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Original Price$40.00