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Ash, Victor More info
Mother Drucker
Edition Details
Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:300gsm white archival paper
Size:27.6 X 39.4
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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This is a one colour screen print produced at 100 x 70cm on 300gsm white paper. The image is a silk screen production of an iconic Berlin wall piece, you can see the original on the corner of Mariannen strasse and Skalitzer strasse.

Edition of 200.

This is a second edition serigraph based on the Astronaut Cosmonaut wall from Berlin, the two editions are unique reproductions of two different original paintings, printed on two different paper sizes, limited to 90 and 200 prints respectively. There will be no further serigraph prints editions in the future based on the Astronaut Cosmonaut wall.

“It is one of those images – black on white – which imprints itself on the retina so that if you pass by, walking or riding on a subway train, and you close your eyes for a moment there will still be a miniature space person lingering in front of your eyes, accompanying you on your way through the city.

This is the way Ash works. His works are immediate but will stay with you for a while to make you think, to annoy you, or to make you wonder about the nature of humanity. Mostly in the street, the works of Ash are in your face and visible to everyone. In this sense his work is democratic and unavoidable”.
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