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1st Edition

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Lazarides (LAZ)
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Class:Art Print
Paper:Somerset Velvet 330gsm paper
Size:32 X 40
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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The antimatter series would like to be a new contemporary vision which might present some transcendent answers for our present existence- a type of artwork as self-fulfilling prophecy in and of itself. Perhaps more literally, it suggests a desire for tomorrow's art to achieve that vision which remains ceaselessly ahead of the curve, as the very nature of "contemporary art" suggests an art that looks to the future, identifying and successfully embodying that which is yet to come- that which today remains indefinable.

This painting research began when we decided to look for an alternative pictorial language, which had a visual synthesis of philosophical insights. We have focused on the concepts of appearance-disappearance on the finite-infinite, genesis-death. In this game of fluctuating perception where depending on your point of view, definitions are interchanging in an infinite loop. The ultimate goal is to make a perpetual motion of the image between two opposite poles in an elastic contrast which calls to the viewer's perception in a kind of visual-mental gymnastics of mnemonic activity, recognition and symbolic association, in a space open to subjective interpretation. The viewer meets the artist half way to continue a creative process of completing the work. For us it is the true scientific-realistic picture of the man, non-definable, in continuous evolution, formed by infinite particles that interact and mutate with the reality as complex and infinite that surrounds him. A "sub-atomic" essence without boundary lines, a flowing being, evolving. A representation of the essence of being, elusive of any definition.
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