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1st Edition

Joslin, Jennifer More info
Pen & Screen Printing Co., Portland, OR
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Class:Art Print
Status:Fan Art
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:100lb Cougar cover paper
Size:9 X 12
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Aphelocoma Californica

Screenprint, limited edition of 40, 9"x12".

Aphelocoma californica, commonly known as the Western scrub jay, is a highly intelligent, highly resilient bird that roams throughout North America. Their shrill call is perhaps the most well-known thing about them. As naturalist W. L. Dawson wrote: “No masquerader at Mardi Gras has sprung such a cacophonic device upon a quiveringly expectant public. Dzweep, dzweep: it curdles the blood, as it is meant to do.”

These birds are assumed to be the only non-mammalian species that have been found to plan ahead for the future by storing food in hundreds of caches around their territories. Even more remarkably, they can remember every single cache they create. Scrub jays are a prime example of exceptional resilience to the harsh demands of life and survival.

These birds are incredibly important to me. They are extremely prolific where I grew up in California's Central Valley. I once was lucky enough to be able to raise one of these guys from a 3-4 day old chick into a strong, healthy juvenile and watch him transform completely over just a few weeks. Despite a crooked wing from the nasty fall out of his abandoned nest, he still learned to fly, which is a perfect testament to the strength and persistence of these birds.

"Aphelocoma californica" was originally drawn with archival ink on smooth vellum bristol. Hand-printed with high quality water based solvent ink on acid-free, archival 100lb Cougar cover paper by Matthew Mirpourian of Pen & Screen Printing Co., Portland, Oregon. 2014.

All prints are numbered and signed by the artist and come with their own unique Certificate of Authenticity.

Copyright 2014-Jennifer Joslin/Specimen Illustrations. All rights reserved.
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