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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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PangeaSeed HOME: Suite for Threatened Ocean Habitats
PangeaSeed: Threatened Ocean Habitats 00
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All prints will be available individually, and these 35 sets will all have like-numbered prints.

For 2014, PangeaSeed is pleased to announce HOME: A Fine Art Print Suite for Threatened Ocean Habitats. Drawing from the concept and success of Sea of Change, our 2013 print suite project, HOME aims to address and raise greatly needed awareness for threatened ocean habitats.

Highlighted ocean habitats will include coral reefs, open ocean, deep sea, hydrothermal vents, the Southern Ocean, sea mounts, kelp forests, sea grass beds, estuaries, sea shores, mangroves and salt marshes.

Featuring new original artworks from 14 of today’s top and most sought-after contemporary artists including Curiot, Kozyndan, Chuck Sperry, Nosego, Munk One, James Eads, Dabs Myla, Dan Mumford, James Flames, Max Dalton, Joshua Budich, Craig Drake, Tim Doyle and Marko Manev – together we aim to save our seas through the power of art and imagination.

For collectors who already know they want the entire HOME suite of 14 prints, we are offering 35 complete, matched-numbered sets for sale for a limited time. Recipients will not only will receive all 14 of the amazing fine art prints created for HOME, PangeaSeed is also including a very special free print created specifically for the project by a guest supporting artist that will only be available to subscribers of the print suite. All complete suite purchases will be shipped out on a quarterly basis during 2014, as the prints get released.
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Original Price$1,000.00