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Technique:Screen Print
Paper:French Madero Beach 100
Size:36 X 24
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Regal Gateway IMAX
Odd City Entertainment 3
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Odd City Entertainment is excited to announce in partnership with Ain’t it Cool News and IMAX, a limited edition James Fosdike print for a pre-screening of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim on Sunday, July 7th.

Roman Morales, Founder and print collector himself, talked a bit about Fosdike’s stateside screen print debut and the enthusiasm over working with him, “When we first started Odd City, there were many artists in the poster scene that we greatly admired and wanted to work with. We also wanted to discover new talent and help them build a name in this great community, enter James Fosdike. From the moment we saw his body of work and acquired the Pacific Rim license, there was no doubt in our minds that he would be perfect for this project. James not only met our expectations, but exceeded them and we’re extremely proud of his final product.”

Fosdike, who worked closely with Odd City, Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, gave a litle insight into the vision for his print, “Put a giant monster in a film and I'm there. Put a giant robot in a film and I'm there. Put them together and you've made me a child again. I'm so excited about this film and I am absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to draw a poster for it. When I saw the trailer, the image of the young girl on a deserted street watching the jets fly over really struck a chord in me. I was reminded of the films, cartoons and comics that I read and loved as a child. I wanted to know what caused that street to be deserted, what the girl was in awe of, and where the jets were going. Lucky for me I was able to find out, and to create my impression of what was in store!”
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