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1st Edition

Doyle, Timothy More info
Nakatomi Inc.
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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Unreal Estate
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"The idea behind this one was to mimic what is essentially a running kind of joke on AD- the zoom-out, pull-away gag, showing the same scene from a different angle, or slowly revealing the entirety of a scene and the actors present- for comedic effect. My hope is that the people who own the original Banana Stand print from last year's show will put this one right next to it- causing general confusion and awkward questions. This was ALMOST the print I did for this year's UnReal Estate 2 show, but decided to go with the Model Home instead. But after slamming Season 4 into my brain, and it's very un-traditional structure- retreading the same material time and again from different perspectives, GOB's Banana Shack just made more sense to me. I did in fact re-draw the left side of the print by hand, re-tracing my own steps from almost 2 years previous. Which made me think about show-revivals and how set builders have to re-trace their steps and plans to resurrect a show like this- to make everything the same. SAME. ANYWAY- I could ramble, but I believe that would be a huge mistake. "
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Six Month Average$35.00
Average Price$49.00
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