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Horkey, Aaron More info
Edition Details
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:French Construction Whitewash
Size:18.25 X 39
Markings:Signed & Numbered
EB Awards
Art of the Week 05/22/13
Cinema Poster of the Year 13
Paul Thomas Anderson Movie Poster Series
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"A few years ago, when a potential PTA director's series was first mentioned, I immediately had my hand up for this one. Everything about There Will Be Blood is precisely my cup of tea - the time period, the sweeping desolation of the landscape, the soundtrack, Daniel Day-Lewis, etc. I didn't immediately come to the idea of an over-sized stock certificate but the more thought that went into it the more perfect it seemed as a visual embodiment of the film. I've also wanted to go all-in on something resembling a 19th century engraved note for quite some time so this seemed like as good an excuse as any. All told I spent over 100 hours on the illustration - it's still only about half as involved as I think it should be but after 6 weeks I felt like it needed to be put to bed. The aging of the paper is something I'm pretty proud of here - there are 3 layers of very subtle tone built up from the paper color to approximate a century old piece of acidic, weathered stock."
-Aaron Horkey
Sales History
Six Month Average$1,690.00
Average Price$501.42
Lowest Price$65.00
Highest Price$1,880.00
Original Price$65.00