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Technique:Screen Print
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Brixton Academy - London, GBR
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When starting a new poster (or in this case a set of three) I never disregard a bands prior designs - oftentimes using them for inspiration or continuity through my design - It makes little sense especially for such an established band like Sigur Ros to jump around styles and themes too much, so I generally try to keep at least a thread of what I see as their look running through my take on the imagery, be it as simple as a color or font choice. I felt I had a pretty good grasp of Sigur Ros’ existing aesthetic, sort of a faded, misty look with a touch of psychadelia thrown in alongside handwritten type and boats, birds and butterflies – A lot of them...

I’m guessing these (brainbug) designs were in part a reaction to how a looming deadline, two rounds of rejections and a lack of inspiration was starting to wreck my head, but the band had referenced a previous poster I had made for Jack White so I returned to my fascination with xray film and monospaced type and ended with these cat-scan style images. Hands can be pretty strange sometimes and the brainlike fleshiness of the fingers combined with the cold, clinical (and somewhat ominous) nature of a brainscan make for an interesting combination.

I’ve never been asked to deviate so drastically from a bands pre-existing aesthetic or look and it was a challenging task, in fact i’m still having a little bit of a hard time reconciling these poster images with the band and its music. Over time, every design associated with a band (or product, or company) adds to a visual language and once you learn it, its kind of hard to un-learn. I found it pretty difficult and at times frustrating but in terms of becoming a better designer, I suppose i’m grateful to have had an opportunity to have gone through the process.

You can read a more in depth version of the process and see some of the other concepts leading to these designs, right here:
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