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1st Edition

Hynes, Alan More info
Bearded Lady
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Technique:Screen Print
Size:18 X 24
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Here’s what Hynes had to say about his concept and design of the poster:

I watched the movie a couple of times – it’s crude, it’s subtle, it’s funny, it’s pretty messy. I really liked it. The underpants as tent idea has the subtle humor angle on a couple of different levels, but it’s the rudimentary drawing that captures the often childish nature of the film’s comedy that I believed essential to communicate. I broke out some scissors to cut the underpants shape and then quickly drew a few lines on some tracing paper. I’d never be able to repeat the carelessness of these lines after thinking about it for even a minute, so I used the very first ones I did. The trees, however, were another matter. I literally drew hundreds of them before I got them “right”. The irony of making a supposedly nonchalant sketch in this manner is not lost on me. I think it ended up somewhere between a bad copy of a Charles Schultz cartoon crossed with a Henryk Tomaszewski poster, a combo I think actually represents the film quite well.

The simplistic bold look of the poster takes a cue from the original look of Klovn series; large Futura type and negative space, very Euro. I think it’s necessary to have some sort of link to the pre-existing imagery rather than totally disregarding it over a new style. The green expanse is a nod to the drink featured so prominently in the film so coolorwise it was a no-brainer. I used the negative space between the trees to trick the eye into seeing more than just the four represented, yet it keeps the focus on the more important elements. It’s an interesting graphic device and a nice way of keeping the poster uncluttered.
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