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1st Edition

Ryan, Jay More info
Bird Machine, The - Skokie, IL
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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Size:24 X 18
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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My family lives in a house which was built in 1913. There's a small structure behind our house which was built to shelter automobiles. In the American tradition, this type of car-house is called a garage, and ours was never built correctly, even when it was new, which was around 1960. During recent years, the garage has gradually fallen prey to Chicago's remarkable weather extremes, and is slowly losing the long battle with gravity which we all fight during the course of our lives. More recently our garage has become host to various flora and fauna, such as raccoons, stray cats, and thriving moss and lichen colonies.
Ultimately, our garage needs to be torn down, and rebuilt using 21st Century materials such as milled lumber and plywood and shingles and nails and screws. My family is not currently able to afford the costs of such an endeavor, so I am trying to raise enough money to accomplish this goal. It was originally suggested that I start a "Kickstarter" campaign, but I found that our garage didn't really fit within the Kickstarter methodology, so I changed direction after starting on this new project, detailed below.
I have made eight limited-edition screenprints commemorating some of the finer moments in our garage's history. They were all drawn and printed here at The Bird Machine over the last 12 months, and will be offered through the options detailed below. Each print is identified with a letter - A, B, C, and so forth down to H. Please refer to the accompanying photos. Please note that the eighth print, H, is not complete as of this writing, but will be finished and photographed in the next few days, before the prints actually go on sale.
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Six Month Average$39.00
Average Price$79.78
Lowest Price$39.00
Highest Price$175.00