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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
EB Awards
Art of the Week 04/20/11
Required Reading @ Gallery 1988
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Also see art print version Hound, Horse and Dove

On to the walden minutia!:
The final specs on this one: 9-colors, with hand-finishing on the sky detail (so I guess really 10!) . The hand-done elements follow the same basic layout--some have darker 'ominous' clouds; some are a bit more 'volumetric', lighter. (And no, no half-toning in there.. don't use 'em). The variant details are: regular ed of 65; yellow/brown leaves only (titled 'late fall') - ed. of 10; yellow sky - ed. of 10; blank sky - ed. of 4; cream stock - ed. of 4.
It's correct that I'm not sure how many I'll have to sell from the show edition as I won't have my copies for a bit, guessing ~20.

We did end up doing an art print (sans text) edition of 58, of which half are reserved for family/friends (who in the past I could never save anything for!). The other half will go up with the remaining show prints. Judging by the emails so far I'm gonna have to think about ways to sell 'em so as not to cause a crush/oversell/clusterf---

fyi, here's an quick comparison image of the late fall vs. regular edition.. to my eye the difference is pretty drastic in all the variants, but I understand in the gallery craziness (and without close direct comparison) it could be tougher to discern the differences. "Late fall" references that turning point of the season when the color gets sucked out of the landscape, reds go brown and tree crowns thin.. a bit more somber imo, in new england it means the plunge into winter has begun in earnest
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