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1st Edition

Benko, Simon More info
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Class:Original Art
Status:Fan Art
Technique:Original Mixed Media
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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"This piece of artwork was produced under the Cap'n Mikey Stupid Santa gift exchange. After getting selected our candidate I choose to create a piece of artwork for Iron Giant. This was done on mix media paper using a wide range of art materials from acrylics, watercolor, oil pastels, PrismaColors, metallic markers and pens, blacklight reactive materials, glow in the dark paint, and a trusty number two pencil. The final product, completed in a few layers, reacts with blacklight to add another hidden layer of the piece representing the hidden origins of the giant. In addition, I layered many of the colors to react to special 3D glasses that I included with the artwork which works best when the blacklights are active. I ultimately decided to leave the piece uncut to the discretion of the giftee; the actual art itself is 36x24."
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