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Class:Art Print
Technique:Offset Lithograph
Paper:250 gr Steinbach stock
Size:15.748 X 23.622
Markings:Signed & Numbered
EB Awards
Art of the Week 02/27/13
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Litho released at Durieux retrospective in Turnhout, Belgium on June 12, 2015According to Durieux, who communicates with the non-French-speaking world through his twin brother, Jack (who also does the lettering on many of Durieux’s posters), the “Jaws” poster that has brought him so much attention and acclaim almost didn’t happen. “When Mitch Putnam and Rob Jones from Mondo called me up and asked me to do it,” he says, “my gut feeling was to say no. I didn’t think there was any way one could do a better job than the original poster and book cover by Roger Kastel. So I decided not to go for the sharp-toothed-monster-attacking-the-boat sort of thing, but to play with the contrast between what we see in the poster and what we know is going to happen. Spielberg always said that what saved his movie was the fact that Bruce, the mechanical shark, wasn’t working properly, so most of the scenes don’t have a shark in them. The movie became Hitchcockian—you didn’t see it but you knew it was there, and that’s what scared us. So I tried to emulate that with my sweet, sunny, postcard-looking poster. The menace is there without being there.”
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