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Goad, Jason

Jason Goad was born the summer of 1974 in Dayton, Ohio to the cheers of an entire room full of doctors and nurses at Kettering Medical Hospital. He began drawing at an extremely early age, surrounded by comic books, action figures, and his imagination, which was fueled by root beer and egg salad sandwiches. After graduating from high school in 1992 he began his formal art education at the Columbus College of Art and Design and after four years donned a black cap and gown, was handed a diploma, had a kick me sign placed on his back, and punted out into an uncertain future as a freelance illustrator. After about four years of 9 to 5 jobs that he usually spent sneaking in time with his sketchbook, he got the push he needed in the form of termination from a job that was akin to animal experimentation and psychological warfare. So in early 2001, he figured then was as good a time as any to attempt to do what he went to college for and hasn't looked back since, except to write little bios like this. There I said it. Even though I'm writing this in third person to give it more of a professional feel, like some historian was waxing poetic about my many adventures, this is really me, pushing the keys. (waves.)

Anyway, for the past five years although it's been scary at times, I've managed to do pretty well for myself. While working at the previously mentioned job, during one of my daily bouts of regret I compiled materials for an article in Savage Tattoo magazine and little did I realize the seeds I was planting. The article came out in the fall of 2001 and soon after I was contacted by Drowning Creek Studios, based in Georgia and tapped to do illustrations for rock posters. Through Drowning Creek my work has been seen on gigposters for The Donnas, Gorillaz, The Get Up Kids, Pink, and Juliana Hatfield which also led to doing work for MTV2 and Signatures LLC, one of the countries largest music merchandisers. Through them, I've done designs for Ozzy Osbourne, The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Heart. Doing posters also helped me catch the eye of an art director at Icon, a motorcycle helmet and apparel manufacturer and before long I was designing full face and half helmets for them and one of their subsidiaries, Z1R.

Most recently I began doing work for Mattel, designing graphics for Hot Wheels cars and fulfilled a dream to have my artwork encased under a plastic bubble and hanging from a peg. Currently the seven cars I have designed so far are in production and will be out on the shelves in a few months.blah blah blah blah blah friend me on myspace so i can hit you with 8000 bulletins for what i'm selling.

- Jason -February 2006


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